Meet Walter!

Aug 6, 2003
Walter arrived about 2 or three hours ago; I acclimated him, then set him loose. He's been exploring a lot, I'll post a pic when I can get a decent one; the ones I got are poloroids and didn't develop well. Feels so geed to have an octo again!! :biggrin2:
OMG, I just looked at the Octo DB, and realized that Walter and my octo Crazy legs are brothers, and from the same clutch or at least tank. I got Crazy Legs last monday from octopets also. How cool :biggrin2:
Welcome to Walter!

So we have octo siblings, another generation - lets call them the August 2004 bimac siblings, Walter and Crazy Legs, and follow them through their lives.

We've done that with our first generation of bimac siblings in early 2003, then the 2004 bimac siblings.

So, you both have to promise to keep us updated!

No problem, I just went home 5 minutes ago to see Crazy Legs, and he is so comfotable now, which seemed have come over night, he is not walking on the glass when you put your finger up to it, and he is freely walking around the tank.
Ooops, Travis tells me it's Crazy Legs, not Happy Legs! So I went back and changed my postings.

Had a sighting this morning, I went down to the tank to see how it was doing, didn't see him; turned on the lights then saw him jet to another side of the tank and return to hiding from me.
Walter has started coming out more, every one of two times I go to check on him he's there. He's eaten the clams and almost has accepted the frozen krill I offered him one night. Favorite color seems to be the sort of a greenish gray.