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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
We got home about 45 minutes ago. He's stuck in the corner of the bag after being dripped for over 1/2 hour. I like to let them come out when they are ready so I cut 1/2 of the bag away and am letting him float with a small area where he can emerge when he's ready. Everytime I go near the tank, he flashes colors. Jess wants to name him Eureka! Think that's how it's spelled! Only problem is I have a tiny dusky jaw still in the tank that I couldn't catch. Hopefully they will either cohabitate, or the jaw will become dinner! His mantle is the size of a good sized grape. He has those long long legs. We picked him up at That Fish/Pet Place in Lancastor and they bagged and boxed him and came flying back within 3 hours. Pics soon....very soon...:mrgreen:

Carol & Jess
91lxstang said:
is he not even in water in the bag??? how long can they live outside of water??

No, he's definately in the water or else we'd see a LOT of shine from the sleek surface of their skin. The plastic is just lower.

Anyways, im so happy to see your new octopus. It looks very nice so far and would definately like to know what species it is. If it's a vulgaris, i'd die...definately want to come over and visit it one day. I only live 15 minutes away, lol.
He's in the water. I cut away the bag till there's just the corner he's in. We just got home and he's still holed up in the last little corner of the bag. I like to let them come out when they're ready. Have always done this as I feel they are less stressed if you don't force them to come out before they are ready. He's wedged against a piece of fake coral flashing colors at me going from white to a dark brown. And...they said it was a vulgaris, but I'm not so sure, as I've gotten many different species under this label.
24+ hours....Came home last night and he was gone...We've sighted a tentacle every now and then poking out from under the largest rock in the tank. Serpent star is happily residing right next to the octos hiding spot. This star amazes me. Every octo I have had in this tank, the serpent finds and resides next to. I know the little crab we put in is gone as we saw the serpent with a leg. Now is the "waiting" as patiently as possable period for the next appearance.

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