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Nov 20, 2002
I should stay out of That Pet Place in Pa.....I have never seen an octopus totally flatten itself out on the bottom of a rock when you pick up the rock. The person helping me didn't see him on it as he was so well blended. I don't know what he is, but am thinking maybe some sort of dwarf species. He's only been in the tank 10 minutes and found one of the local crabs. Spike looks like a monster compared to this new one! Curled up he's the size of a 50 cent piece. When I was dripping him, I'd pick up his rock and you would see this little black blob, that would very sneakily slide his way back to his rock!
wow .... its flubber! jk! Hes just a tiny little thing. Ive seen my old octo flatten himself under a rock but not often. I know what ya mean about that pet place. i have to buy somethin everytime i go, they have so much great stuff
Take a look at the site (Mucktopus' bipedal page) I refed for 91lxstang:
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My immediate first impression was that Biddle might be an Octopus marginatus and I believe they are caught in the same area as the Abdopus aculeatus. I am so envious:rainbow: After looking at the site yesterday, I was thinking what a great octo that one might be for an aquarium (Hope Roy's not going to say it is a no-no). You may need to find it a coconut shell though! I read somewhere (a while back and I have no idea where now) that the female HAS to have a coconut shell and would die without it. How true that is I have no idea and hopefully Roy or Christine will chime in on this little fellow.

cute, cute, I wish I had a fish store like that! (I think).
Hmm...this is a tough one. Do you know about where it's from? It doesn't look like marginatus, although it looks similar. Is the webbing between the front arms 'shorter" (doesn't go as far down between the arms) than the other webs between the other arms? Does it ever sit backed up against something with the web and mouth showing?
I haven't noticed that kind of behavior. He has been in the tank 24 hours and was sitting on the back of a lava rock eating a crab. He has the reddish tone to his outer edges. Unfortunately he found an excellent cave with a hole big enough to place his eye so that is all you see can see peaking out in the front of my tank. I hope as the days go by he will reemerge so I can give you better pics and descriptions. The shop had all of them classed as vulgaris.
when i was there last week, biddle must have been the one that i didnt get to see. Out of the three octos there, only 1 was hiding good enough to not be able to spot. I wish i would of got to see him though cause he looks great! Cant wait to see more pics!

You are describing Trapper:smile: So now I have to ask if you are thinking Mercatoris since I am not sure if Trap is merc or Joubini (or if there is a way to tell without seeing eggs and I am not sure even then I would be sure since Mercs are 1/4-1/2 and Joubini 1/4 or less as I understand it). Roy IDed some others from the same diver that looked different (smaller for one thing) than Trap as Mercatoris and the diver and I agree Trapper looks different but acts as you mentioned with little to no webbing and short leg to body ratio (1.5:1 approx). He came from an entirely different area than the one Roy IDed and quite a bit deeper but still from the FL keys.
I had a brief sighting yesterday when we returned home from work. He was out under the bubble filter but retreated back to his rock when he realized we were home. Still positioned in the front of the rock so he can observe us. If you don't know he's there, you can't see him as he continues to stay the black color.
My son says, as soon as all activity stops, Biddle is out all over the tank, while the tank light is still on. He has dismantled the bubble up filter, eaten every creature left from Zyan's bag of food, in fact there is a huge snail shelll pile outside of his den. Last night I snuck out and caught him by surprise on the barnacle. He froze, went black and spikey but hung for a few moments, and then slithered back to his den.
Biddle was out this morning and did a little finger chasing. He is very skittish but becoming increasingly curious. I took some pics but did not want to startle him with the flash as this is the first time he's really tried to investigate me. At one point I was sitting on the floor by the tank fiddling with settings on my camera looked up and he was plastered to the front of the tank eyeing me up but as soon as he realized he was discovered, he swam quickly to the back of the tank. It's been 3 weeks and I have let him be even when a week would go by with no sighting. It really pays to let them come out on their own as obviously he is getting comfortable in his new environment and with us. Pics coming shortly but may be a little out of focus as like I said I was afraid using the flash would undo the trust he is starting to gain with me. He reminds me of G2. But I don't remember G2 being so skittish. That trait seems to be with dwarfs. And his texture changes are magnificent. He had the star look to his eyes.

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