Lurker no more

Jul 26, 2003
Howdy folks. I've decided to be brave and stop being a lurker and belly on up to 'larval mass' stage. I have a great love and fascination for all things that lurk beneath the waves, especially the the slimy and scaly and the squishy and tentacled. :goldfish: :meso:

I'm also a fan of HP Lovecraft (Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!) and find it rather amusing that so many of us fans are drawn to the lurking tentacled creatures than so horrified the gentleman from Providence.
Greetings, Anomalocaris! :welcome:

Hope you have fun here.

Love the name, you 'strange shrimp'. If you have a couple of minutes spare have a look at my 'Introduction to Ammonites' article. You will find a photo of a model I made of your namesake under 'Plectronoceras model'. Well, it was just a bit of fun, really...............
He he! I want some! Yum.

Whatever next? Chocolate Ichthyosaur vomit with peppermint belemnites? :lol:

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