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Sep 18, 2007
am new here and I have 1 vulgris octopus and I live CA. I have had my octo for to weeks and I want a baby I have no tank for It but am going to get one soon I have my rock cycled now . so go easy on me because I don't no much but the basics taking care of an octo. so please give me tips on baby care:notworth::banghead::tomato::sink:
Hi, glad you have found a good source of information. How long have you owned a Vulgaris? What size tank? What kind of filtration? Where did you buy it? Enquiring minds want to know :smile:

Much of the same information you will find in the Ceph Care articles as well as the forums applies to babies as well, you will just need to provide much smaller live food for them; hermits, snails, mysis shrimp, etc. And being smaller, they will be more capable of escaping through even the most seemingly unlikely of spots, so make sure there's nowhere for them to get sucked into a pump.

If you own a Vulgaris, you should be aware that feeding an octopus is expensive, especially more so when they won't accept thawed raw foods like shrimp and silversides, and the larger they grow, the larger their appetite is going to be. If you live near the beach in California, feeding them will probably not be that big of an issue.

For now though, you should read all of the articles on this website, even the ones pertaining to Cuttlefish husbandry, as the more knowlegde you take in now, the better off you will be when you come across changes in behavior, husbandry do's and don'ts, and everything else involved with this particular hobby. Both you and your pet will be better off!

Also, if you don't have a tank set up for another octopus yet, you should focus on your Vulgaris while you get the other tank put together and cycling. You need to wait AT LEAST 3 months for the tank to fully cycle before buying an octopus for it. Many people aren't patient enough to wait out this long, and most of the time it ends with the octopus' premature death.
Dude, it's not enough to have the rock cycled - you need to have your tank up and running and cycled, which takes at least 3 months, before adding an octopus.

Yes, you said you have a Vulgaris. How large is the tank that octopus is in? It is going to need a tank larger than 100 gallons for the long-term.

There is no shortcut to cycling a tank. Wait at least 3 months.

1 pound of rock per gallon of water in the tank. At least a 50 gallon tank.. read the articles here... TONMO Cephalopod Community

Judging by your posts, you seem young. Can I ask how old you are?
yes but the tank cycled only for 4 days and the tank is a 20g I was planing to move him
dude;101967 said:
yes but the tank cycled only for 4 days

Well, that's not good at all.

You have two options.

1) Return it to whatever store it was purchased from before the ammonia in the tank kills it.

2) Check the water parameters daily, perhaps even twice daily, do water changes as needed (which will be very often) and pray the octopus doesn't die a slow, horrible death. This is not the ideal situation at all. It is torture.

I am thinking you are pretty young.

Think of a tank as being kind of like a bathroom. You need good plumbing to flush the toilet. (Kinda like a properly cycled tank has enough bacteria) If you don't have a toilet installed, everytime you use the bathroom it gets nastier and nastier, until it builds up so much, you are swimming in it. Eventually these conditions will make you VERY sick. Your octopus is going through this right now, because the bacteria in the tank is not enough to "flush" the waste out of the system.

Please do what's best for the octopus and return it to the store. Keeping it is selfish.
:banghead:he seems fine now and he has bin there for two weeks and I have done two water changes but the day I got him the tank was cycled for 4 day and he seemed fine
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