Looking for research co-op for school credit in Chicago

May 30, 2004
My name is Caitlin and I am a student at the Art Institute of Chicago. I am currently working on a series of oil paintings inspired by each octopus species individually. This project has led to a new interest in marine biology and an obsession with octopus. This is a stretch but I am looking for ceph researchers or biologists in the Chicagoland area who wouldn't mind having an art school grunt around to help with octopus research. Preferably I would want an internship where I am interacting with live octopus so that I might be able to sketch and study their moments and behavior. Although, I would seriously consider any volunteer job offered. I realize I have no formal training in biology, but I would be happy cleaning tanks all day and have experience with aquariums and wildlife preservation. Does anyone know of someplace I could help?
The Shedd is a great aquarium.

I like the Shedd and have a membership there. I frequently go and watch the Octopus Dofleini they have on display. Unfortunately this is the only octopus they have there. I've inquired about volunteer oportunities but it isn't very promising. Usually the people who I talk to there are volunteers themselves, usually teenagers, and usually aren't helpful at all. The Shedd is a circus during public hours and I feel very discouraged by the treatment I have received trying to find out information about the octopus and actual behind the scenes work. Perhaps I'm just going to have to ditch the art degree and go into marine biology. Thanks for the suggestion, I may attempt finding a volunteer job there again but it would be helpful if I could talk to someone who actually works there.
You should also give Dr Janet Voight, of the Field Museum of Natural History, a call; as she works on cephalopods, and you have an artistic background, the two of you could nut something out.

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