Looking for Ocotos..


Aug 10, 2004
I'm a beginer In keeping octos, and I am trying to find my first octo.. I'm in louisiana and was wondering where I could find one. Plus, does anyone have any idea which octos are the best for beginers?

Hi where in LA? im in harahan right by new orleans. Internet sites are the best. Look around this site and you'll find a bunch of info. one site is octopets.com
Hi and welcome to Tonmo.com!

There is a lot to setting up and tank and learning saltwater skills before you can keep an octopus. Read Colin's Equipment List, follow the links and learn! THe other articles are also useful for you at this point - do read the Checklist and the Bimac Care Sheet.

A bimac is probably the best for a beginner, which doesn't mean its easy or inexpensive to keep. Usually you can get by without a chiller, and they are available as tank-bred young octopuses.

The cost of the octopus and shipping is the smallest cost involved. Your tank and other equipment such as a protein skimmer will cost much more. Even the food ocotos love is not inexpensive. You need to learn about all this before taking the leap and getting an octo.

Hi Tom,

Welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Tampa Bay seems to be a good place for octopuses, given all the hitchhikers coming in on the live rock.

Do you know what species you're catching and are these large octos or smaller ones?

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