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Live food Sources

Jul 24, 2003
I was havin a chat to a bloke in a seafood shop today about London's fish markets and when mentionin live food he directed me to a chinese cash an carry which was a quality find!!!

Never mind lookin at the tanks, i managed to get meself some foot long josh sticks (3 per pack) for 51pence!!! Gunna start sendin smoke signals across London!!! :lol:

Anyway here's a few pic's, some whoppa crabs bigga than dinner plates!! Unfort they dont get small stuff other than crayfish, clams, cockles, mussels an lobster :frown: To give you some perspective the tanks are about a foot deep.....

:?: One question thou....how bigga crab can a fully grown bimac handle? I mean when your feedin them do you jus make sure whatever you feed em isnt bigger than the octo, or should they be major smaller :?:
yeah, ive seen the advert... not that hungry today LOL

the large prawn things are scampi (Nephrops), they should be okay for an adult bimac..

buckles? dunno??? keeping your trousers up?

what a find btw... think the tilapia etc are abit overcrowded tho
buckles? dunno??? keeping your trousers up?


they are them shell things in picture 16, from what i could see of them in the shell they looked a bit snail like, so thought maybe mollusc's? wonder wether i could feed them. end up with some decent shells afterwards aswell!!

Only thing is i'd prob have to check their water for copper before buyin anythin
Those buckles thingies are mollusks, I don't know what they're really called ut they have 1 black claw and they taste good :smile:

MMMMMMM flounder............*drools*........

MMMMMMM crabs................*drools*........

MMMMMMM unagi................*drools some more*....

Btw, have you seen those giant fresh water shrimps which are more than a foot long?
nice one joel_ang,

no havnt seen them freshwater shrimps but have heard of some prawns you get that are foot long, hmmmm!!!

so there's another meal...buckles!!!! :biggrin2:

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