Lill Tulu is HERE

Feb 21, 2004
Well after 5 months of planning and setting up my first octo arived in the mail today from Octopets. I was not home to greet it but my roommate did a great job of acclimating the lill octo. I will post pics as soon as I can. Now comes the hard part! Make sure it is well taken care of .... Right now all the food i have is baby clams (smaller than a pea). Tulu's mantle is about the size of a marble. Any other food suggestions. My "other" job is helping out at my LFS so I have access to whatever i need. Any ideas? Blue leggs too big?
Congratulations! Welcome to Lill Tulu!

About food: Your little bimac ate baby clams and amphipods at Octopets and should accept those readily. Also, Octopets tries to bring their baby bimacs to the point where they accept frozen raw food, such as shrimp. You should try some frozen raw shrimp, thawed and cut into small pieces. Fresh scallops pieces are also an option. Hermit crabs are OK if they're very small.

Congrats!!!! and welcome to Lil Tulu!!!! My tiny baby loved tiny hermit crabs!!!! Looking forward to the pics!!!

thanks so much for the response and encouragment.

She is very active and i saw her first thing this morning going to town on the only hermit crab i had in the tank ... I think it was a zebra leg. She is awsome. Now I truely know why everyone here is always so excited this is truely the most amazing thing i have ever seen. But on to the good stuff here are the pics so far :

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