Lil Pumpkin Update


Colossal Squid
Staff member
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Nov 20, 2002
Think I'm coming up on 6 weeks for Lil Pumpkin. He has deffinately doubled in size. He is out almost every day looking for food. Sometimes, he looks like hes trying to mimic the local snails I have in the tank. Looks really funny, like he has a snail shell shaped head. He is getting more and more curious. Has grabbed ahold of my hand a few times. Quite strong for one so little. He is still eating hermit crabs and frozen prawn and has progressed to the smaller version of the green crabs Ink eats. The other day he grabbed a hermit crab and then proceeded to try and climb around the tank holding the crab. Really funny to watch cause he looked weighted down.

I startled him acouple days ago. I reached in the pethome with my hand with a crab and he puffed a wispy puff of ink. Since then , he took a hermit from my hand, after examining it for a few minutes. He comes out when I rap 3 times on the glass and does head bobs. My son, Jess and I were sitting in front of his tank last night and he came right to the front. Seemed really curious about all the eyes watching him!

Ink is still hanging in there! Beginning of Dec. will be 8 months. She is still eating!

Hi Carol,

Wonderful pics of Lil Pumpkin. Cute little guy! Glad he's so friendly so soon. And yes, even the little ones are strong, aren't they?

Is Ink still staying in her den, or does she come out from time to time? Do you think she's eating as much as she did before she laid eggs?

Hi Nancy!

Just realized I never replied :smile: ! Ink is still eating. I hand feed her now as she is totally blind. She does come out and hunts, but doesn't go up the sides of the tank any more. Her appitite is still pretty steady. Tonight she took a pretty large live crab and then proceeded to sit where I could see the whole crab. Never saw this behavior before. Wonder if it's a little senilty (do we have a spell check) kicking in? She did eat it though.

How is Ollie? Has she come out at all?

Senile or crab is safe! She's looking good though. Interesting that she's lived so long. I wonder if in the wild octopuses could start feeding after laying but are too weak and get bumped off by other predators, the cold etc etc. It's certainly noticible here, that after the first frost of the year we have a huge die off of Octis in the harbour.........leading to lots of phone calls to lab/aquarium about epidemic diseases amongst octopus!

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