Lil Pumpkin RIP 10/3/03 - 3/14/04


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
This morning, I went to check on Lil P and he was gone. :frown: I had done a waterchange yesterday just to be sure on water quality. I knew he was dieing as I've seen that look many times in the past. I am glad he didnot linger like Ink did. I took a final picture so you can see how tiny he stayed. When I took him out , it really hit me how little growth he's had.

Have some great pictures and memories of Lil P. So now I will be returning to the sea 3 of my octopuses.

:frown: So sorry, Carol. :frown: How old was Lil' P, and why so small? Ashi is that big already and he's just 5 or 6 months old. Wait.... Wasn't Lil' P a sibling?


I'm so sorry to hear this. I guess so many baby octos are born to each mother, some of them just don't survive. You gave him a good life.

I'm also happy for you that Inklet is doing so well.

Thanks everyone!

Spring - I had Lil P for 5 months. I didn't realize he wasn't right until Inklet arrived and that's when I noticed the growth was just not there, especially with how fast Inklet has been growing. He may have been a sibling according to Octopets, as he was selling to Fish Supply.

I quess octos are like any other creature where there can be problems with growth. I still think it could have been a defect of some sort.

With animals that produce large numbers of offspring they are not all expected to survive and in the wild a lot of them become food for others... think about tadpoles... several thousand bullfrog tadpoles may hatch but very few manage to make it to metamorphosis... Some are not just as fit as others.

So, LilP had a good life and in the wild maybe wouldnt have lived as long... we can be happy about that :smile:

may your next octo be a monster!!! :smile:

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