"Lil" Pumpkin has arrived!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I think this baby is smaller than the one I was trying to save at the LFS! His mantle has to be maybe 1/2 inch. Size of a dime when he's curled up. Very active! Acclimated well. Watched me fix the filter when the hose came off. He's sooo tiny!!! At one point he was sitting on the rock totally black. I think I need to take Mr. Jawfish back to a shop, because if this baby gets out of the pethome, he'd be hordourves.

Hopefull will have some pictures later!! Jess & I are going collecting hatchling crabs tomorrow at low tide!

What a tiny bimac! How old is Lil' Pumpkin supposed to be?
All this happened quickly, and suddenly you have two wonderful octopuses!
Looking forward to the pics!
I sure didn't plan on adding another!!!! :) After seeing how disapointed my kids were, first I had called Lancastor and they had none. Then just investigating how much Sat. delivery would be, I called Jack and when he said it wasn't too late for a delivery today, and the cost wasn't as bad as I expected, I couldn't resist!!!

He's the size of a dime curled up!! Didn't see him for a few hours, and then he was out! Inspecting everything! Already ate a hermitcrab!!!

Only thing I'm concerned with right now is if he can squeeze out the top of the pethome. I may have to relocate the Jawfish if he can. Right now he's sitting in a peice of a barnicle watching us! The 2 eyes sticking!! Too cute!!!

Fraid my digital ran out of juice so I only have one sort of decent shot at the moment!

It's been almost 24 hours since I saw Lil Pumpking last. Another hermit crab has disapeared. Not used to having one hide like this. Both Hermin and Ink were always in sight from day 1. I have 3 sides of the pethome blacked out with background so he doesnt get freaked by Mr. Jawfish. I am resisting hunting for him..

this one is much smaller though than the last so it may just be further behind with its social skills :)
Thanks everyone!!! I had a quick sighting today! Was just leaving to get my daughtor from school and there he is!!! He crawled across the tank, grabbed a hermit crab and disapeared again! I have never had one this tiny before! Prettty amazing to see him lugging the crab!!

Check out his size compared to the shrimp!!!

My my he is cute!!! He'll come out more when he gets bigger - he's playing timid now to protect his itty bitty self. But I'm sure you knew that...

I lOVE the pics

p.s. still saving up cash for my setup - all the money went to my big move just over a month ago...

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