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Nov 20, 2002
Last night I put a blue smaller Lego, or I quess it's actually a Megablock in with Lil Pumpkin. At first he was analyzing it from all angles! Then he crept up on it and moved it around some. At one point he was 1/2 out of the water feeling in the holes at the bottom of the lego which were floating towards the top! I am going to find my daughtors smaller legos and put some different colors in to see what he does, and what color he seems to favor.

Also, seems like Rugrats are the favorite show at the moment! Whenever Jess has it on, there's Lil P plastered on the tank watching!! :mrgreen:
Lil P's leg length has to be about 2" now. This morning he was watching Rugrats! Today, I am going to find the "real" legos and put in one of each color and see what he does!
Hi Joel,

yeah sometimes i forget too as we are in that limbo stage between gallons and litres, inches and cm etc etc... When i was doing all the measuring of wood for sawing when i was refitting the house, i was using both cm and inches.. just whatever was closest :smile:
He's tiny! But has grown, he was the size of a dime maybe even a little smaller when he arrived!!!! :smile:

In fact... tomorrow is 4 months!! He arrived on October 11, means he must be 5 months old, cause I figure he had to be a month or so when he arrived!

Wow! Time flies!!!


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