Let me introduce you to Otto

Aug 6, 2006
Hello, I should first tell you I am not technically new I have been comming here for, six months or so, because everytime I have any issue with my tank you always have the answer, I have a male, of unknow species everyone tries to tell me he is a bimac but he has no spots, so I dont know what he is. (maybe you all can help me)I decided to join, introduce myself, and will post pictures soon. we all call him otto, and I am doing an intel project with him, its nice, I promise. All he has to do is unsecrew caps to get a crab out of a small jar. Which is very easy for him so I think he enjoy's the project.
Have a good day, pictures soon.

:welcome: to Otto and to you. I love hearing of new members doing projects with their octopuses! Looking forward to pics!

:welcome: Otto, (and Allison too of course, "cause as smart as octos are, I've never heard of one who could type!) We look forward to hearing about your project, and as always, seing pics, lots of pics!

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