Lego's Still the Toy!!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
I think we are coming up to a month with the Lego being the favorite toy!! Has anyone else tried legos? What were the reactions? I read one of our new members had tried bright yellow legos, and the octo was deffinately interested!!!

Anyway, MORE Pictures!!!! This is how I know Ink is playing! I look at the tank and there's the lego at some weriod position in the tank! Usually it's floating at the surface!!

Hi Joel_ang

The lego was a spur of the moment idea. I had been putting easter eggs in, balls, and whatever else I thought might interest him, never thinking the lego would last this long in interest!!!! When I removed it, he started disconnecting the powerhead again and since it's been back, no problems!!!

Thanks Tony!!!! Here's a few more!!!! His latest antics is dragging it everywhere!!!

Hi Melissa!

Yea, the lego thing is going strong still. Infact, Ink inspired me to get my daughtor a new set for her birthday!!!

I noticed a new behavior with the lego! Ink now grabs on to it, lets go of the glass and peacefully floats down to his cave, disembarks and lets the lego float back to the top. Very funny to watch cause his weight is almost perfect to make him and the lego neutral so he almost has to push off to float downwards! So far I've observed him doing this 3 times, so I know it's not a fluke thing!! Seems almost like there's some mental stuff going on there!!! And he disconnected my powerhead again :shock: , so maybe it's time to look for a new toy idea to add!

why not attach another so hed have positive buoyancy? plus, im sure ink would love to pull them apart....itd be interesting if hed put them together when he gets bigger...
:idea: What about thoes fake plastic fish (for the wimps that can't keep a real aquarium). They have tails that flap around and mindlessly run into walls :bonk: , but they move... could be worth a try! If someone tries this, tell me what happened please :mrgreen:
Good idea! BUT.......I wonder if they use metal in the mechanics to make them move??? Plus some take a battery!!

He is still latching on to the lego and floating down to the bottem of the tank! Latest antic is dragging the lego through the coral and rock, forcing it. I've had to straighten the pieces several times the last couple days!!!

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