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lebanese fish fossils

Sep 3, 2007
For more than four generations, Memory of time possesses the most beautiful and largest collection of fish fossils from 3 main Lebanese quarries: Hakel, Hajoula, Ennamoura
We’ve been awarded in Lebanon as one of the most famous in the sea fossil’s world
We are at Memory of time a:
-Museum, where a unique and very rare specimens of more than 400 species can be found
-Quarry, where an excavation site exists for more than 7 mouths a year
-Work shop, where only specialists can perform their work
-Area shop, where visitors can enjoy looking and buying rare, beautiful and common fossils are available for sale.
At Memory of time, we assure our best quality, best price, best service, our 100% natural materials
Through the most secure, fast and reliable international courier we can send any fossil. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or visit our website: www.memoryoftime.com
Pierre Abi Saad
Executive director

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