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More than that!
What I saw in this was a male octopus with a Santa cap and female octo(under the mistletoe?). That's why there are so many arms. Am I right or not?

Actually it is just an Architeuthis. I borrowed it from a thread on this site though I can't seem to find the original image right now. No arms were added; aside from the stupid hat it is au natural.
'Twill be somewhere where we're talking of Gunther von Hagens ... though don't ask me either - that was a while ago (squid time travels fast)
Hi Andy

have you got a start date for TMC yet? Looking forward to starting?
Have you got a place to stay sorted out yet?

I'm going to be building and drilling some tanks for a shop up here in the next few weeks... doing it in part exchange for some stock. I might get in touch at the time so you can tell me what's looking good and what's not if you have the time?

Cheers and good luck when you start... wonder if Maxine is still there?
Not got anywhere sorted out yet i'm afraid. I'm sure it will all happen though!! Hehe

Definatly give me a shout though! Will you be in Manchester or are you doing it from home?

If you are comming down let me know and i'll pm you my number, be good to meet up for a beer!

sounds good

I may be passing at some point but generally i piggy back onto a shop's order and pick it up from them... i dont normally buy enough at once to justify box charges, courier etc...

But it is always neice to speak to someone down there to see whats looking good etc and both dorset and mike are gone... dont worry, i wont pester you for octopuses......... much :smile:
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