Large Underwater Squid Photo -ID Please?

Rob Romero

Blue Ring
Oct 6, 2005
These Pics were posted some time ago. Does anyone know the story behind the photos. Where and when they were taken? Size estimate? Species?




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We've seen these before? Where?

If this is a 1.5m ML Moroteuthis, it would have to be M. robusta depending on location. But the fins don't look right to me, and you should be able to see some sculpture on the mantle - fleshy longitudinal ridges. You can see them in the pics of another large M. robusta specimen in this thread.
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Well, I definitely have seen these earlier, but you're right on the fins, Kat. The first time I saw these I was impressed with the damage due to attempted predation and the "wartiness". The shot of the head is somewhat distorted, Dosi?
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