Large Atlantic Squid


TONMO Supporter
Feb 15, 2003
Does anyone happen to know a brief list of squid in the western atlantic that might have a mantle length in the neighborhood of 1 meter?
This would be dependent on latitude as well.

Pholidoteuthis adami is close at round 80 cm.
Thysanoteuthis rhombus
can reach 100 cm, though more commonly only 60 cm.
The maximium record for Taningia danae is 140 cm.
And then there's always Architeuthis dux.

These are all from cephbase, searched through the biogeography section from Newfoundland down to Caribbean. Didn't bother with South America.
Knock yourself out.

i appreciate it... i had been wondering if any of the sites had a search by region feature.....
Just out of curiousity, WK, why do you wish to know? Are you contemplating one of your own mystery sightings? :wink:
i came across something interesting at work.... however the lady who took the pictures is out of town, so i was going to wait to get permission from her before posting them...