Klimt's jurisprudence


Colossal Squid
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Oct 19, 2003
I went to a wonderful exhibit today in the the Hague "gemeentemuseum", exploring the infuences of Fernand Khnopff and Jan Toorop on Gustav Klimt. I came accross this wonderful painting, part of a triptich on Medicine, Philosophy and Jurisprudence, and couldn't help noticing the great ceph relevance of the latter! For those unfamiliar with Klimt, please find attached
Fabulous work...it makes me feel somewhat awed, actually. The Phoenix Art Musem had some of his work there about two years ago (not this piece, unfortunately), and I could have spent the day just standing in front of it.
You are lucky!

Hey, I forgot about that one! I tried to find a print of it larger than the size of that attached image a few years back, but never got anywhere. Still, I liiiiiike. :cool2:
I am sorry about the poor contrast and brightness on the prior attachment, but it was really the best available via google picture search...

This is slightly better, not too sure about what to think of its source, though...

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