King something octopus


Aug 9, 2007
Hey. In a shop close to where i live they can order 3 kinds of octopus. 1 is the "blue ring", the 2nd was called something like "king *******" and the seller never mentioned the 3th one.

Now I have been searching the internet, but can't find any octopus starting with "king". Anyone here have an idea? The only extra info about it that i know is that it's 3 times more expensive than the blue ring (in this shop at least).
Hi and welcome to! :welcome:

I've never heard of a "King" octopus - perhaps a literal translation of the name in some other language?

Why don't you phone the LFS with a pencil and paper at hand and take down the names exactly.

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thanks for the quick replies. I'll just go back sometime this week and be a bit more prepared than today. I had a lot more questions but forgot all of them. Still a lot I want to know and do before i'll finally get me an octopus.
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