"killer squid" on the discovery channel (US) momentarily


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Mar 8, 2004
There appears to be a "killer squid" show (from the short description it sounds like humboldts) on the discovery channel tonight, 10pm and 1am, so starting in 1/2 hour on both Eastern and Pacific time zones... might be worth a look...

Yup. Dosidicus. And some William Gilly interviews. They start with the sensational "man-eating squid" theme, but then show that when they're not stressed, they're clever and more-or-less friendly. Lots of very good footage, although not too much science... :biggrin2:
chrono_war01 said:
Man! I always miss these shows.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be sold on the discovery.com web site, either. It's still on our tivo-like DVR thing, but our VCR is busted, so I can't make a tape of it (and our DVR is almost full, so I can't keep it for long unless I find a bunch of other stuff to delete).

It's probably not popular enough to be a big seller to their "normal" audience, but as someone who spend a lot of time watching sh*thead the squidcam squid, I enjoyed it immensely. It'll probably get re-run at some point; it seemed to be part of a "killer things saturday," since there were "killer bees" on afterwards, and I think "killer ants" was just before...

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