"Killer Squid" on Discovery!!!

Feb 5, 2003
Hey Everyone!

Talk about your coinsidences! I was just checking discoverychannel.ca today to check what showcase was on tomorrow and guess what....? KILLER SQUID! So excited. The Canadian premier (sp?) no less too.

From Discovery:
Killer Squid
Sun., Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT
In Mexico's Sea of Cortez, fishermen talk of a sea monster, an enormous flesh-eating squid. They tell of men pulled from boats and dragged to their deaths by these real-life Krakens, monstrous carnivorous squid they call "los diablos rojos," the "red demons". From the deep waters of the Sea of Cortez, the highly-intelligent two-and-a-half metre long, 180 kilogram killer Humboldt squid makes brief visits to shallower water in search of prey - and this is where intrepid filmmakers and adventurers Mike De Gruy and Jacquie Cozens await them.

Afterwards there's a program about fishing for Alaskan King Crab. Should be a good night! I just thought I'd post to let the Canucks out there know (as I know I'd like to be informed). I imagine it would be the same schedule for our neighbours to the south, though I'm not positive. Anyways, enjoy!

Cheers, Jesse
Thanks for the heads up!

At TONMOCon, Will Gilly spent some time talking about Dosidicus and their fearsome reputation, but didn't seem to have much evidence that they ever dragged men to their deaths. *shrugs* I wonder how 'fearsome' dosies really are, though I wouldn't want to have one brassed off toward me.

Any other killer squid stories out there?

I'm sure DR Gilly is right but...........call me a wimp.........I have no desire to get in the water with a pack of voracious carnivores (& I have seen the stomach contents of squid!) that are bigger than me!!!!

yours wimpishly

Really?!?!? I think that it would be really cool to dive with them. There'd be some great risk than a normal dive, granted, but the link talks of wearing armour and the squid only tested it, realized that they couldn't do anything more, and left. I'd try it sometime, though not until and all big and growed up!

Yes well i know a chappie who was "nipped" by a Southern Arrow Squid (Nototodarus sloanii) much, much , much smaller than the dear old Humboldt and he needed 3 stitches in his leg, doesn't sound like much but the squid (~ 30 cm DML) had to bite through PVC over trousers, gumboots and jeans to inflict the damage!!!!!!!!!!

Monterey Aquarium has keeping these alive in captivity on it's agenda.

Imagine having a big, really deep pool with these, or a moat maybe, you know, something with a bridge with a hidden trap door... ah, no solicitors indeed... :madsci:
i just came back from watching it. i noticed that they seemed to press the "bloodthirsty killing machine" idea for the first half hour, and the "gentle misunderstood beastie" one for the other half. i thought that was a bit odd, but that was my only issue with it. i now know just how awesome Dosidicus are. i especially like the sucker teeth.

erich orser said:
Imagine having a big, really deep pool with these, or a moat maybe, you know, something with a bridge with a hidden trap door... ah, no solicitors indeed... :madsci:
can we throw the discovery canada people in there? during the ad breaks, there were two commericals for new series airing next month. "canada's worst driver" and "canada's worst handyman". cripes. there goes my last remaining shred of respect for the channel.
Only if the squid like their food enriched with Molsen or Labatts!

A dosidicus would make an amzing goalie, however. Could you picture one with the skates and everything? Lightning-fast reflexes!

wow, im ingnorat in these matters but i didnt even know that there were killer squid that could eat people. i dono if i would want to dive with them, i mean i bet some of the larger ones could pull you down and kill you, armor and all.
Yeah, mixed feelings here to. I was just thrilled to see a ceph doco on tv as I haven't caught any in a while. Most of it was all commercialized to make it interesting and sellable. I just watched it for the footage; pretty incredible. I was really surprised that the humboldts were eating krill! That whole scene was the most interesting and really took me by surprise. I was also pleased how obvious the differences in behaviour were when the squid were observed in a more natural setting. It really sucks belonging to the human race. Oh well.

You know, this seems like too much "razz ma tazz" science - all smoke and mirrors, with very little actual "science", if you get my meaning. Maybe I'm just getting cynical, but the current trend of "NEW SPECIES DISCOVERED" headlines with blurry photographs and no tissue samples smells a lot like Bigfoot hunts. i understand that there is a merit to making real science fun and exciting, but something is getting lost in the mix lately. I feel that most of the popular science magazines give us the scientific equivalent of a great Japanese meal served with cheap, bad sake - some good information, but an underlying insult to our overall intelligence.

The diver.net website seems so... overdramatized... like a Discovery Kids special. I will admit to some amusement by the Crocodile Hunter, but there is a satisfaction to getting through Intro to Herpetology in one piece and seeing the overall picture.

Sorry to sound like I'm brooding. Just trying to make sense of current trends in science. :grad:

I just finished watching it (love the DVR!), and I have to say that main_board's pretty much summed up my own feelings about it. There are several bits that I'll probably watch again, although I'm not sure I'll bother with the audio (except for Gilly's scenes). I don't see why the squid would have too many moral reservations about eating people, since I'm sure no one has got around to telling them that we are, in fact, the masters of the universe. However, it also seems unlikely to me that they would be bloodthirsty killers with a constant hankering for man-flesh. :roll: I'd guess that they would normally prefer not to attack large animals unless they calculate that the benefit of eating them would outweigh the risk of injury.

A little :feet:, but related to John's complaint (I think):

Don't dumb me down

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