Kiboko Appreciation

Good to know..... although i do have to say i have started to feel old in the past few days.....

Waking up in a couple hours will definitely be rough....
If I'd stuck at Swahili I'd have known what you were on about !
So let's hear it for the kiboko :glass: :thumbsup:

Yeee-ha! Gives me another reason to have a cold one this afternoon!
Great day to you sir!!! :notworth:

Kiboko appreciation day? National holiday??

Neil Diamond blesses your pointy little heart :heee:
Hope I'm not too late!

Have a great time, comrade! Happy birthday!

Here's somewhere to go to celebrate!

Happy birthday, hippo. If you weren't a vile Neil-hater, there'd be many more smilies in this post. But you are, and so there ain't.

you photoshop 20-30 photos and suddenly you get dubbed a neil hater...... :bonk:

oh wait, i forgot all the times i encouraged :twisted:... silly me :oops:


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