Kenny's Journal


Aug 3, 2007
Ok, those of you whom I have communicated with will know why I used this name from Southpark. Anywho, I got him from Aquaculture on tuesday as well and wanted to wait a few days before posting this after my last few tries. I am having the same things Simple is having and I think I have the same little guy as well. I still had some fiddlers in the tank so I think he has eaten them as I have seen there husks.
Every night he seems to come out and find a place on the glass to "hang out" then by the time daylight comes in he is hiding again. Tonight I left for a half our to come back and see him on the glass-I went to thaw a shrimp to try one with him and came back and he was gone again lol grr. Soo, I will try to keep this updated and post photos when I get better ones. For now, these are from the first day when he came:


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yup that looks like mine, cept mine has never even gone on the glass. And i doubt mines eating. But i did see her see her out at night. Well good luck with yours hopefully you can figure out something to coax them out that i can try with one
oh no i dont think mine had the horns, but they can change texture as well so that may be the reason for them. He doesnt appear to have them in the pic of him acclimating..
I have a video of him when he first got in the tank--working on uploading it now--prob about 10 min I will post the link.
If you octopus comes out at night, then he's probably nocturnal :smile:

Don't loose hope, he may adapt a bit to your schedule, or even a lot.
Few seem to be as nocturnal as the mercatoris. But you might try viewing with a red light to appreciate your octopus right now.

So welcome to Kenny.

LOL, I think I actually need a heater for this guy--I have been worried bout my tank being to warm for a bimac but acording to the reading this guy likes it between 80 and 98-- lol omg, I need a warming blanket
yea it sort of seems like mine, at least from the few times ive seen mine. Just wondering, how big is your tank? and how much live rock is in it. I was thinking of taking some out of mine to give it more space to move around and swim. (i have 100 lbs)
I love the "spikey" look of these guys. My mercs can form eye horns but not do the all over spikey thing. Good luck and keep posting your observations!
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