1. Bigpapa

    Light Opinion

    Ok, I know there is alot on the use of red lights for Octo viewing and moon lights are bad. I just got a 3 part light and wanted some opinions: The 3 lights are Daylight, 4 blue leds, and...
  2. Bigpapa

    Kenny's Journal

    Ok, those of you whom I have communicated with will know why I used this name from Southpark. Anywho, I got him from Aquaculture on tuesday as well and wanted to wait a few days before posting this after my last few tries. I am having the same things Simple is having and I think I have the...
  3. pilotinho

    New LED Aquarium Lighting

    I am doing research with LED lighting for Aquarium use. I am new to aquariums and cephalopods but am loving it. I am also an electrical engineer and it occured to me to try to build an LED lighting arrangement for my Bimac tank. As I understand it Octos have no light requirement so I figured...