Juvenile Pharonis pictures

Jul 3, 2003
We have a new generation of Sepia pharonis. They are just getting to their curious and ravenously hungry stage. This is great for me, because I can get some really great up-close shots of them! A couple of these pictures are quite large... I didn't have the heart to shrink them down because of the excellent clarity and the individual chromatophores showing!

Melissa said:
These are wonderful photos. Can they change the iridescent blue around the edge of the mantle? Is that their everyday dress?


Thank you! These guys show up beautifully in the flash.

Yes, this is the everyday dress of immature S. pharonis. Once they reach maturity, the females will wear a mottled color most often while the males, especially the biggest and most dominant, will often assume a gorgeous zebra pattern! The blue around the edges of their mantle seems to show more in the juveniles. It varies, though. They can change it.

Here is a picture of that zebra pattern attatched for you to see
Think I might get a cuttle tank next instead of an octo tank.. decissions decissions
pics like that remind me how cool they are :smile:

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