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Dec 20, 2002
Some scientists don’t like to work with the public which is fine, it takes all types. However, I agree 100% with Steve; let’s get the information out there. Most of us are publicity funded and it just takes a quick glance at the number of people on TONMO and the number of nature specials on cephalopods to see that people ARE very interested in the work we do. Scientific publications are read by very few people and are a poor choice for broad dissemination. We do need them as they contain a level of detail and usually standards of properly controlled and reviewed experiments that are not found elsewhere.

There are some not so nice people out there – it just takes a few. What happened to CephBase is a good example.

It seems to me that TONMO and The Cephalopod Page already provide an excellent platform for scientists and the public to discuss cephalopod issues AND publish popular articles. These sites don’t have high publication costs and they can immediately post new articles (instead of waiting for an issue to come out). They are not peer reviewed but if someone says something that is less than accurate they will likely very quickly be corrected. Both are moderated in some form. If it ain’t broke. . .

Besides, the truth is that most people really don’t want to read peer reviewed scientific articles. I’m not talking about the popular flashy Nature and Science stuff, I’m talking about bread and butter science journals. For those who do want to read such papers, CephBase and Google Scholar both provide instant electronic access to much or the recent scientific work. Access to this information is getting better and better all the time.

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