Multigenerational octopus culture papers?


Apr 17, 2020
I'm looking for published papers about octopus aquaculture across multiple generations, particularly anything that might have data on survivorship, growth patterns, and fecundity. Does anyone know of any papers like this? Similar papers exist on Sepia officinalis, Metasepia pfefferi, and Sepioteuthis lessoniana multigenerational culture but I haven't found any for octopuses.

Thank you in advance :smile:
Hmm, good one. Not a paper, per se, but I found this reference to our own members' journals:
O. mercatoris (often labeled O. joubini) is a large egg species and, in the past, we have had several members successfully raise multiple generations. Here is an excellent journal by gholland and another by me of two of these successes. The original journals have links to the successive generations.
And @octobot found a paper on a controlled embryonic study on O. vulgaris, but I'm not sure if it covers multiple generations:
Sadly, the O. vulgaris or any other small egg species papers will not cover multiple generations as we have barely been able to bring them through the settlement phase. I don't know if we have seen any documentation of them living to full adult (sometimes because they are sacrificed as the intent was only to get them past settlement).

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