Jetta's Eggs

Cool, thanks for the pics!

I'm no expert (can never seem to say that enough), but from what I've picked up from this site, if the eggs appear totally white, it means they're probably not fertile. Can anyone with knowledge on this chime in?
Excellent pictures! I like the second! Was that Jetta watching? She looked mad!! Doesn't it take a few days before you start to see some development? I know one of the octo eggs, after a week or so you could see a spot in all the eggs.

Good luck!!

These were also taken with the tank lights off and three large flashlights on her and the eggs, that might have something to due with the color but only time will tell at this point :P
Oh yeah she was really mad :x she even came out some what to get me :shock: i just notice these eggs yesterday, i have no idea how long they have been in there since i have left her alone in there and didnt bother her.
it takes a while to tell if they are fertile or not...

remember any disturbances to her now will cause problems, sometimes when they are aggitated they seem to stroke the eggs so much they fall off the cave
There is a possibility that the eggs could be fertile, If you wait some days more and the eggs are fertile, you should be able to see the babies developing inside the eggs.
great! :biggrin2:


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