Jebidiah is Alive and Well!


O. vulgaris
Dec 22, 2004
I hadn't seen Jebidiah, my pygmy octopus, in 10 days and was beginning to worry about him. Last night however I discovered his den and was able to capture 4 minutes of exciting and hillarious video footage. He was hiding underneath the glass vase that was he used as his den 2 weeks ago. When I lifted it off him, I discovered he was eating a snail and has grown quite a bit sense my last Jebidiah siting.

I can e-mail the video footage to someone if they know how to post it. The video aspect of it is alright, but the audio is quite amusing. You can really tell how excited I was to interact with this little octo.

That's wonderful news!!!! And I can identify with your excitement while filming. I shot one of my daughtor feeding Inklet and Inklet grabbed hold of her hand by mistake and between her screaming and my laughing, it was hysterical!!!

Glad he's doing well!

Glad you discovered J. again - sounds like he's settled in well!

Contact Tony (tonmo) about posting a video. I believe you have to send it to him and he puts it online.

Thank you, Nancy. I sent Tony an e-mail. I am really enjoying this experience. Jebidiah has relocated again this morning, but at least I know he is growing and doing well.

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