Japanese Squid/Cuttle with Photophores

Okay, I'm no expert, so I can't go on these Steve O'Shea styled in depth anaylsis. These squid are commonly known as "Bid finned squid", becuase they have bug fins.
The photos you have there are some nice looking squid caught by anglers and are probably destined to become dinner.
Big finned squid are quite common around the world.
If I am not wrong, then it should be these part of this group from the TOL:
I still am, anyway: I realize the species is a lot more common than I thought, it's the interesting white dorsal striping that drew my attention. The assumed photophores according to Tolweb aren't, it must be greenish iridescence... Still, the caption by Colin Ackerman to this juvenile Sepioteuthis lessoniana states these creatures put up an impressive nightly display :confused:

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