Jam Update


Feb 27, 2003
Jam is definately totally different than Sam. Jam is now staying in the razorleaf weed stretched out upside down, like a spider web, waiting for food to swim by :roll: So I used the syringe i rigged up to feed my filter feeders and got frozen brine shrimp and squid cubes. Thawed them out and drew them up in the airline attached to the syringe. Went down were he was hanging out and slowly let the goop out... Jam immediately latched on to the airhose and put his little tent. up thru the hose and pulled out and ate what he wanted At one time he had 3 tent. in the airhose, the food was more to his size and he is now sitting on the bottom of the tank in the weeds sleeping, right out in the open I had bought some very small, uncooked popcorn shrimp for him but they too were monsters to him, so i guess brine shrimp and squid will be his diet for a while. I also bought a pair of black mollies which are already pregnant, to get the tank going for him when he is ready to try and hunt on his own. I always thought Octos knew how to work their tentacles from birth but with this little one, he is proving me wrong. Everyday he tries to get them going in the same direction at the same time, kinda funny, but he is learning fast!!!!Each one of his tent. does work indep. of each other, now he just has to get them to work as a team. Should be interesting.
Sorry to go on and on but this one is different than Sam, thus has my attn even more :P
Hi Debbie,

Please continue to give us lots of details about your tiny bimac. Yours is the smallest anyone has acquired - it's very interesting about the feeding and the arm coordination. It might be able to eat the popcorn shrimp if you cut it up into very small pieces.

I hope you get some pics soon - am eagar to see your little one.

I will try to get my camera back today to get some pics, I loaned it out and its hasnt seemed to find its way back home :? If not I will have to resort to my daughters Barbie Dig. camera :roll: :goofysca: but at least even if the shot is grainy you will get an idea of how small he is?
Thanks for the advice, I will try that. So far Jam is doing his bet to get all of his tent to work as a team, I dont know if this is normal or not but its kinda funny to watch him move around slowly. Thats why I started feeding him with the syringe. His mantle size is now almost 1/2 inch and his tent are around 2 1/2 inches, maybe three but thats pushing it, long. He did get ahold of a fiddler crab for a brief moment but it proved to be to strong for him :? :P I ave about 250lbs of LR in the tank so he has plenty of hiding paces, but once he eats he sleeps out in the open ontop of the rocks, almost like he is sunbathing :|

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