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Its arrived!


Oct 1, 2003
My bimac baby has arrived from LiveAquaria. It appears to be in great health, although gets very upset when I peer in its bag, ping ponging off the walls. I am sorta afraid he'll ink! So no more peering. He also seems to spread his arms out radiating from him rapidly. Is he trying to look big?

I just started acclimating it, so lets see how it goes. He's bigger than I expected, perhaps a tad bigger than my pygmy octo was. There was some flotsam floating in the bag. Could it be poo? Skin? Something else?

I wasn't able to catch the clowns, so for the time being I'm going to put him in a small critter keeper with pvc hidouts. Now that I see his size compared to theirs, I think even more that they couldn't hurt him. But I want to be safe. And it will give me time to make sure he is getting enough food rather than just throwing it in the tank and hoping.

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