Is anyone looking for an experienced scientific fieldworker in Indonesia/ SE Asia?


May 6, 2008

Is anyone looking for an experienced scientific fieldworker in Indonesia/ SE Asia?

Essentially I'm looking to do some volunteer fieldwork/experimental work in Marine Biology (preferably involving cephalopods ;) while I am travelling in Indonesia/SE Asia.

I am a Developmental Biologist (PhD + ~10 years post-doc and work experience) who will be travelling around Indonesia and SE Asia from November 2010. I will be island hopping with my diving gear and would very much like to participate in some cephalopod-related fieldwork.

Whilst I don’t have extensive experience with squid or octopus I do have extensive lab experience (Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Ecology, etc - for a full CV including papers and references please feel free to contact me) and fieldwork experience (with elephants ;). I am an advanced diver with logged dives in the S. Pacific, US, Europe, Africa and will be travelling with my own gear.

My itinerary is quite fluid so I can work the schedule around a lot and I will be happy to work anywhere within the region. I will, of course, take care of getting there myself.

So, if you are in need of a pair of good, willing hands for a month (or two or three) for next to nothing (room and board - if possible) then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also, if you know of anyone doing interesting marine biology research in the area then I would appreciate any contact information.


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