Introducing Ziggy


Blue Ring
Jan 18, 2005
Arrived from FishSupply yesterday. Fed him after work today, he chowed on a big (for him) shrimp.

A quick pic of my nano also. :wink:


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Yes, Ziggy is a bimac. The tank was prepped and cycled for a cuttle but since they wont be available until mid-summer I thought I bimac would be a good choice.

My other bimac was wild-caught and a grown adult. This is the first time I have seen a baby. Cute little bugger.

With his arms pulled in he could easily sit on a dime with no over hang. With arms out it looks like he could hold the edges of a US silver dollar.

I watched him explore around and he seems much less cordinated and graceful then the adult bimac I had. I assume this 'grace' will come in time.

Yes, what size is yours now?

Ziggy is very very small.

I am very glad he is eating as I thought he would be farther along.

He exhibits what seems to be odd behavior.

He does not spend much time in his caves. He even stays outside of his caves when I open the plastic cage and feed him. He just stays put and turns dark on me.

You are all evil. Making me look at all these beautiful pictures and stories of octopus pets before my tank is cycled.


Welcome to Ziggy

Does this mean OctoPets are getting more officinalis in the Summer?
Shrimp friends or picky eater??

Ok, now I have seen it all.

Ziggy still would rather hang on the side of the 'crib' then in his caves.

He has eaten a shrimp a day since I got him until yesterday.

Yesterday I put a nice little shrimp in his crib and he did not touch it. after a while the shrimp calmed down and would walk by Ziggy and he would just half-heartedly put out a tenticle out over the shrimp and that is it. It's like Ziggy and the shrimp are old pals or something?!?

I thought maybe he was not hungry. I checked on him today and the shrimp is still there! Both are just chilln like old pals!

I retested all the things you can test... temp, water, what is up? Just as I was starting to wonder if my new ROI setup was not up to snuff I decided to try a differn't food.

I found a wee tiny hermit crab and threw it the crib and ZAP he grabed the crab (shell and all) and took it into one of his caves. I guess he ate it.. He is now back out of the cave and hanging on his door step with the shrimp.

Go figgure...

How do you keep the PVC from floating? Is there just enough sand in there to weigh them down or is there a little dab of silicon tacking them in place?


They don't float. They are just sitting there.

I am quite worried about Zig, he still has not eaten the shrimp. The hermit he took into the lair he tossed out yesterday and the body looks pretty intact. He took another one in today but no body yet.

I should be getting some baby clams in a day or so. Hopefully, he will eat those. All water conditions are good and all other life in the tank is doing well.
Does Ziggy have any amphipods or anything else in the tank he could be eating? You might also try a small piece of frozen thawed shrimp.

He was raised on the clams and must like them, but they seem to be hard to keep. Hope they work!


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