Introducing Calamari


O. vulgaris
Oct 19, 2005
Just got my little octo buddy today. I'm going to estimate he was about 8 weeks old judging his size, bigger then I expected from octopets. That puts his birthday back in the middle of November.

His name of course is Calamari, I'm sure I'll call him Camari for short. :smile:

He is currently occupying a 125 gallon tank with lots of rock ancored with reef epoxy. I got a bunch of those little clams from octopets but I suspect he'll be dining tonight on the 30 some hermits in the tank.

I dont have any pictures because I couldnt figure out how to get the flash turned off, and didnt want him to ink from the flash :nyah: More to come soon , as soon as he sticks his head out of the rock :wink:
Welcome to Calamari! I've just added him to the List of Our Octopuses.

Very good sign that he's eating already, and yes, he'll love the hermit crabs and that will mean he won't go hungry between meals. Keep the little guy well fed!

When you offer him clams, be sure to put them in a little shell or lid so they don't bury themselves in the sand.

We'll look forward to pics, when you solve the flash problem.

:welcome: from Jess and I!!! Most cameras have a lighting bolt button which gives you the different options for the flash. If you see the bolt on the screen with a slash through it then it should be off. Good luck with him! That's great he's eating already! Looking forward to the pics!

Hey, we all need to hear about the christmas octopus ! Neat to find out the little blighter is doing so well.

Its a Festivus miracle!

Still being at least a month away from another bimac I find your post very exciting. I can't believe he's eating hermits already!

Found him eating that one on his first day, he must have been hungry after being in that bag for so long. Havnt seen him eat since however, I even threw a couple hermits at him and he just stared at them.

guess he wasnt hungry :nyah: Still doing good, hope he comes out of his hole soon so I can take some pictures
Well He's a hungry little guy thats for sure.

I came home today to find him roaming around his aquascape, he saw me and went into camo mode, and then ran away when he got the chance :nyah: I've been finding broken clam shells and empty hermit shells all day. So he's eating, looking for food, and still shy. Hope this is normal behaviour, how long does it take them to stop being so shy ?
Here is a couple pictures I managed to snap of him just moments ago.

I know they are poor quality , still having camera problems :smile:

But there he is just hanging out in the open.
Oops, files too big :nyah: Here they are. (I hope)


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some more of the little guy during an early morning feeding :smile:

Good pics this time~

Quick question :biggrin2: Do the octopus change physicallly over time? (other then growing larger:P ) Like paterns on his flesh or his porportions. Or do they pretty much stay the same , just bigger.


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Such a nice little Christmas octopus! He seems a little less shy now. How large is Calamari?

As for your question, I think the arms get proportionally longer, but they pretty much stay the same. If you post this question over in the Physiology and Biology forum, you might get a more scientific reply!


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