Intro & book question...


Jan 5, 2003
Hello all,
First order of business is to climb the Tonmo food chain from lurker to larval mass. There, that was easy!

Afraid I am not (yet) the custodian of an octopus, but have been fascinated and intrigued by them since I was but a wee lad. This would be some 32 years now. I did have the opportunity to care for 2 specimens which were brought up in a dredge from Monterey Bay in 1979 while attending classes in marine biology as an extension of UC Berkley. Still one of the highlights of my career as a living human. Sadly, neither was in very good health after their ride to the surface, and both were allowed to escape by a fellow student not familiar with the tendency of these guys to do exactly that.

Here's the book question... as an avid reader of such authors as Tolkien and Brin, I read some years ago a story centered around a researcher working with octopi and developing communication via their ability to change colors. The end result was that the octopi were the only creatures able to communicate/translate with the Alien Beings who arrived toward the end of the book.

The problem is that I am not able to locate this book, nor to recall the title or author. If this rings any bells for anyone, please let me know! Thanks to all, and looking forward to expanding my knowledge via TONMO.

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