Ink's 2 month Birthday!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Well, on June 2 Ink will have been with us for 2 months!! I think he has tripled in size if not more since he arrived. I think he's bigger than Hermin was at this point! I am still having problems keeping my powerhead on the protein skimmer connected! As soon as I took the green lego out, he started disconnecting it again!

He has been a very good eater, liking everything I give him! I think his favorite is the fiddler crabs! My daughtor has been feeding him and he can be anywhere in the tank, drop a crab in and he darts and grabs it. I still have not been brave enough to let him touch my hand. When he's on the front of the tank if I put my hand up to it, he gets all excited trying to grab it!

Check out the size difference from the shot taken about a month ago to today!! You can see it in the legs!!! (Sort of :smile: ) And he's still trying to be green!!!!

Hey Tony!

Very cool! That photo is one of my favorites!

Just took acouple more. I reconnected my powerhead and of course he had to come racing out, crab and all to chase me! We played through the glass for quite a while, till he got tired of me and went back to dining!!!!

Carol :mrgreen:
Carol... fantastic pics! That is one great looking favorite is of Ink and the green lego...seems like quite a character!

Awesome pics. Ink has really turned out to be quite a little (or maybe not so little :biggrin2: ) character.

Wow- so colorful! ...I wonder why Edwina doesn't show her spot much. She's a month older, and she doesn't show her spot that blue either. It's usually just dark...
Hi! thank you George and Greg!

Inks' blue spot usually glows when he is hunting or just caught something and is eating it! The picture of him looking at me from the side of the tank, he was eating a crab and I was harrassing him with my hand! He was chasing my fingers through the glass all across the front of the tank!!
So I would say it's when Ink is being stimulated by something. :wink: It's really quite amazing how magnificent the blue can become!

Watch next time you feed Edwina!

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