Inklet Update!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Well. Inklet continues to grow I think on a daily basis. He has since moved to the bigger shell in the front of the tank. He is so funny. He tries to catch our fingers on the glass. This morning he did an elaborate stalking of my fingers. Wish I had the video!!! The colors he was flashing as he stalked them was amazing!! The blue/black ring he has was pulsing color!!

I still am a little wary about letting him get ahold of my hand as he seems like he would pounce on it if I let him. I'm not sure what his intentions :twisted: maybe!!!

He continues to eat on a daily basis. I am hoping with the weather warming, we maybe able to go back to collecting food.
Hi Carol,

Inklet is looking good, very bimac-y.

They almost have a flowered pattern - white flowers with yellow-orange centers. One person I showed Ollie's photo to was sure I had altered the photo and applied a flower print to my octopus!

Get your hand in there, Carol :) The worst he can do is give you a little nip, and he's still small. And maybe he won't bite you at all - he's just curious.

Great shot, love the clarity!!! He looks so content in that shell!

I agree with Nancy let him grab onto your hand. I was timmid at first, but as small as they are now if he was going to bite I would rather get it over with. Much bigger and I would just be scared he would bite a heck of alot harder.

Ochi now tries to pull my hand in his den when we play. I really think he wants it in there at his disposal like all his other toys!

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