Inklet Update!!!

That makes me wanna set up my freshwater tank again, fishsitter killed cichlid #1 (little blue and black stripey guy) and didn't turn on the light, killing my plants. Came home and turned on the light, scared the crap out of my albino cichlid and he went whoosh across the tank to his cave and made a big cut on his side, down went cichlid #2. :frown:

I want to order a sibling now too, but that would be really pushing it, and I have no tank to put him in (125 and/or 55 coming soon) since my 20 gallon is filled with baby dwarf seahorses and would be octo popcorn.
Wonderful!! Thats great BOE! The 8) will be a sib! :shock:

Glad you pulled that off.

And.... Nick I am sure eventually this whole site will have a batch of sibs at one point or another. Think 6 degrees to Kevin, well nevermind :lol: