Inklet & Rummler Update


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
June 24 will be 4 months for Inklet. He reminds me of that plant from Rocky Horror Picture Show that always says "FEED ME"!!! Last night he ate 6 1" snails and this morning he's looking for more. I pissed him off this morning with the flash. I only used it once but after the picture he jetted away and wouldn't come to the front of the tank, if I had the camera.

Rummler has been holed up in his barnicle. He is a shell collector. Every morning I see he's hauled up another shell for his collection and he uses a small clam shell as a door. Guess I'm feeding him too well as he really hasn't been out hunting at least while I'm home. Every now and then if I knock on then tank and then go away, when I come back he's repositioned his door and there's "The Eye" watching! Sunday will be 2 weeks and so far so good!!!
very nice pics again carol.......

are you getting tempted to try and breed them yet :)
Hi Carol,

Thanks for the update and pics. Inklet has grown so much!

Funny about Rummler's shell collection and how each your two bimacs are so different.


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