Inklet & Lil P Update


Colossal Squid
Staff member
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Nov 20, 2002
Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since Inklets arrival! He has grown already! I think he maybe bigger than Lil P!! I was comparing size and I see a difference. Lil P has been with me 5 months on 3/4. I think I have spoiled Lil P as he only wants live fiddlercrabs and has been refusing anything frozen or freshly dead. Now Inklet is a little eating machine. He doesn't care what I throw in there! Anythings game! Inklet has starting pacing the front of the glass! He also is very busy in the tank. I see the heater moving, He climbs up the Eheim tubes! When he's out he gets into all kinds of mischief! I need to go toy hunting this weekend!!! Will have to try the crab in a gumball container :mrgreen: !!

Here is his latest door! He seems to like to move the shells all over the place more so that Lil P! Seems to be more outgoing also!!! I really love having octos from one end of the house to the other again!!!

AAAwwwwww ! Neat little guy! It looks like he scared Nemo to death, though... :lol:
Octo Nursery it is!!!! :mrgreen:

Tonight, I was inspired by reading about Ochi's playing with the smirf and lego, Inklet was out and about so I put in a red lego and a gum ball machine container with water in it to make it neutral. Inlet jetted to the red lego and I think would have grabbed my hand had I not let go and got out quick!! I'm still not sure what he would do if he got me!!! Anyway, he totally explored the lego and then let it go. The container he was floating on!! I think he is going to do alot of playing like Ink did. Seems to have that outgoing personality. He is bigger than Lil P. Lil P's mantle is about an inch while Inklets is 1 1/2 inches and his legs seem to be much bigger also.

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