Incredible Suckers Video?

Nov 3, 2003
hi all, anyone know where i might find this video for sale? i've searched the net and amazon looks to be one of the only place thats selling it, but its out of stock right now. also, are there any other nature documentarys out there dedicated to marine invertebrates such as octos/cuttle/squid? thanks guys and gals.


Hi Invertebreaker:

If you can get hold of this documentary, do so. It's quite brilliant and features some stunnning footage, notably Vampyroteuthis. However, it appears to be out of print now, so please don't wait to try and get hold of a copy, look around now before the remaining stocklists clear their shelves.

I imagine it was deleted as no-one wants to buy videos any more. You can't even give them away now! DVDs are where the future lies.

This shop offers the video for sale:

If that does not work, then keep an eye out on ebay. One will come up there before you know it. Good luck!
Try and get a hold of The Octopus Show and also a BBC special with Octopuses and Mantis Shrimps on it called Aliens from Inner Space/ The Fastest Claw in the West
There's also The Octopus Garden and Mimic Octopus: Incredible Imposter, both from Discovery channel. I don't know if they have tapes for those though.
thanks all...the hunt begins. those other titles mentioned sound interesting as well. i managed to dub part of the mimic special, good stuff! i hope to find the rest somewhere on the vast exspanse that is the internet.
anyhow, great leads most defi! thanks again.

I dunno. I have it taped. You don't have it. Nyah nyah.

Seriously though, there's a little at the end... give me a PM if you want me to find out where to ask for it.
Hello Invertebreaker,

Welcome to TONMO. Other documentaries worth chasing down are:

Chasing Giants: On the Trail of the Giant Squid, starring our very good friend Steve O'Shea. This is a Discovery Channel production, and required viewing for anyone interested in the progression of Steve's hair-styles.

National Geographic produced Sea Monsters: Search for Giant Squid. Features the now famous "critter-cam" deployed on a sperm whale.

As for "Incredible Suckers," the PBS site provides information for ordering the video ($19.95), but doesn't indicate if it's in-stock.

Colin said:
also a BBC special with Octopuses and Mantis Shrimps on it called Aliens from Inner Space/ The Fastest Claw in the West
I saw that one in channel two on cable television, not that we got the same channel's lol, but I get all u.k. news and evrything form bbc.

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