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Immaculate conception??

Feb 18, 2005
I just saw a batch of cuttle eggs in my tank again today, but Ive never seen any sex going on (unless they are pretty private). Ive assumed this current batch were all females, because ive seen no displays of aggression (zebra striping) or mating. This probably means this batch of eggs are duds...sigh

These guys are 7 months old...

I may take a break from bandensis after this batch..Id really like an officianlais though!!
I think you'll see a big difference going from bandensis to officinalis. They are much more outgoing and, well, fun. Being bigger makes them less shy and there are none of the problems with getting them onto dead food items or picky eating like bandensis.

Will be interesting to see if the eggs are fertile or not
Actually, Ive been lucky enough to have one...And they really are more personable!!! Its the reason why I would like to find another..However, our only source here in the states closed down and Im not able to find more at the moment...
yeah, that has always been the tricky part....

shame its not as easy as just posting some eggs over from here

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