I'm going to the red sea, will I see many cheps?

aron hills

Apr 17, 2003
Hello fellow chep lovers.

I'm off to taba in the red sea for a week of snorkelling. has anyone been? if so, how likely is it I will see an octo or two, cuttlefish and squid? any advice or experiences you can offer will be greatfully received.

Good chance to see cephs in the Red Sea

I lived in Egypt for 3 years and spent time in the Red Sea. Once in Hurghada I watched a school of squid laying eggs in the coral. I saw an octopus and a large sea turtle in Dahab. I swam with a dolphin in Nuweiba. When I was there 1993-1996 the Red Sea was TEAMING with sea life. But I was in Eilat, Israel last year and was very disappointed with the state of the coral. I hope that my experience in Eilat isn't the same in the rest of the Red Sea. I've never dove in Taba. Taba is between Eilat and Nuweiba in the northern part of the Red Sea. Please write when you return and post your experiences. Happy snorkling!!
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