Im going to get him/her soon. :)


Jan 1, 2004
:smile: I've checked all the parameters and here's the results:

PH- 8.2
Nitrates- 0
Nitrites- 0
Copper- (yes, i tested it) None. (I gots me some chocolate chip stars and i read somewhere that all inverts. are sensitive to copper. So i figure i must not have any since they still alive.)
Ammonia- 0.0

Are these parameters good for my octopus?

*If this is in wrong forum, Please move it*

There's Colin chirping in with a wrench...hadn't thought of that one ! Yeah, he is totally correct...temp?
salinity-1.023--Ill add some salt

Ughhhh, I just got back from a trip to tennessee and I now have a outbreak of black algea stuff. The dude at the pet store said theres methane under this and we sucked some up before we left (4 days ago)
What is it and how do i get rid of it!!!!!!!!! I am putting a timer on the lights but i dont know how i should time it. I'm gonna set it to turn off at mid-day. Please tell me if this is not good.

Ant, i have my fishtank lights set to be on when i am in looking at the fish... so what that means is that my fishtank has a 12 hour cycle with the flurorescent light coming on at 12pm, then metal halides at 2pm, then metal halides off at 10pm then fluros off at 12AM, i use two timers which are built it.

what is your light cycle just now?

Any chance of a pic of the black stuff?
i sucked alot of it out with a pump we got and that was like 2:00am yesterday. Its already reforming on the sand again :( Its only on the sand and rocks but not on the walls.Any info on this would be great. I circled the black algae. I think it may be diatoms? :confused: Also i was wondering if i changed alot of the water (10 or so gallons) would this take it away?



  • conv_287777.jpg
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Well, I used to feed them 2 or 3 times a day but now i only feed them once. What kind of snails might eat it Carol? I am still sucking small amounts out; they are patches ranging in size from 1 to 2 inches. :hmm: My Nitrate test comes out at zero. Maybe its wrong but ive tested it a few times. I would like to order him in the next few weeks if at all possible.Is that bushy stuff harmful? its been in there a while (the wvy green)
P.S. The black stuff will eventually dissappear? there a algeacide i can use? or should i just do 2 water changes 15% each week? Colin are you sure its not cyano algea?

Very Confused -=Ant=-
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