ID on my new octopus?!


Jan 1, 2004
Could someone help me I.D. Oscar II? He is about 2 inch head length and close to that in mantle. His legs are long though. Maybe 5 inches at max. He comes out sometimes at night but is most active in the mornings and when i get home from school. He seems to be getting used to me because hes comming out more and more every day. This morning he was out plastered to the glass untill i fed him (by hand might I add) - then he went back into the rocks. He seems to take a liking to grabbing my fingers but i never have let his mantle get close in fear of venom that might put me in the hostpital or something. That is why i want an ID. His color is usually a browish color mixed with specks of white. I would really appreciate it if i could get some help here. :smile:



few pictures attached


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He did detach a leg when i got him. Dont know where he was from and he has no eye spots that i can see. It said common brown (i know :roll: ) so i dont know where he is from. He is most active in the day too.
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I don't think you'd see him walk in your tank. He needs a lot of space for that. Besides, once he starts to feel comfortable, he won't feel a need to disguise himself nearly as much.

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He looks exactly like the 4th and 6th pictures (6th when hes on the glass) on that Flavor of Tako page but he doesnt have those two white spots on his back. He throws his arms into rocks often to search for food and in the sand too. Every once and a while ill see him on the glass. He also looks a lot like mucktopuses avatar haha
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