I think I am getting a new octo next week


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Sep 4, 2006
Prepared? :lol: I was going to mention the Key Stone Cop similarity of stipping this tank to your filter swap! We had one additional issue, it was SNOWING here (yeah, I know, you see the stuff every winter but we don't drive in it and everything closes down).

The tank had a mixture of larger shells and sugar sand (an accidental purchase on the fine sand - never again!). I had put the sand over the original large substrate because the shell collected so much debris and grew algae (another substrate I will not use - I did find that seahares will clean it up some though but the conchs , snails and bristles don't help much). The sand covering did stop the algae growth and debris collection so I removed most of it, rinsed the shell (tank water) and covered the pseudo UG in the larger shells then used new, larger grained sand, Carib Sea argonite that I have been using in my other tanks, over the top. The homemade UG is more for protecting the powerhead intake than use for biologics and I probably would not use one again but it works well for this tank (fresh water tank, with homemade overflow to sump). We initially designed it for seahorses but moved them to the larger reef two years ago (that tank no longer has horses either and is only a reef with a Burr fish and dragonette - only one male seahorse in residence -another tank - now) and have used it as a reef tank since. My biggest concern is any die off that I get from the substrate switch and the change in rock position (they never go back the same way twice :biggrin2:. So far everyone but my favorite flower seems to have recovered from the mess.


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