I ordered my octopus!!!

Apr 20, 2005
I ordered my octopus! It should be In a few days! Im not sure what type the octopus will be but its supposed to be about 4-5 inches long.
I also ordered a hippo tang for my other tank. i am extreamly happy. Im going to have an octopus again!:biggrin2:
I havent got him yet. I was disapointed to find out that my octopus hasent been shipped yet. I called and emailed the company. hopefuly I get a nodification soon. I spent 45 bucks on the shipping so I hoped I would get it on Wed. but its looking like Im going to get him on Thursday or Friday.
i feel i may have gotten ripped of since I havent got an email dispite the three that i have sent to them and the phone call that hasent gotten a responce to. i would like to warn everone that They also over charged on my shipping it came out to 85 bucks for priority over night shipping. Not including the octopus price. Be carful if your planing on buying from them.

Does anyone have an idea ware i can order an octopus? Still hopping but Its been a week with no response

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